Dokk charter and tours in Finland

Dokk offers charter services in the Finnish Archipelago and the Helsinki capital region. Cruises and charters are skippered by experience and friendly locals.  Enjoy a day out at sea in some of the most unique regions in the world. For a full list of our services, please go here

The 2019 season is now open! Book your boating holiday now!

  • SKUM 2019 look

    Classic Cruise, Helsinki / Espoo Archipelago

    From: 450,00  Select options
    Myyjä: classic SKUM
  • s/y Paradise and 12 happy guests

    Helsinki by sea on Catamaran

    From: 600,00  /2h cruise, ylittävät tunnit 250 € Read more
    Myyjä: Mad Cats
  • A week in the Finnish Archipelago Sea

    4000,00  Select options
    Myyjä: Love4C
  • Helsinki Tallinn Race Nautor Swan s/y Eira
    Book now!

    Helsinki – Tallinna Race Swan 51 Eira 2019

    350,00  /person Add to basket
    Myyjä: Southern Ocean Co.
  • Midnight sailing
    Book now!

    Night Navigation Course October 4-6, 2019

    350,00  /person Select options
    Myyjä: Southern Ocean Co.
  • Ingrid customers
    Book now!

    Traditional sailing ship tour

    From: 900,00  Select options
    Myyjä: Sailing ship Ingrid
  • Myrskylintu by Jorma Rautapää
    Book now!

    Hai sail and dine

    From: 100,00  /person Select options
    Myyjä: Myrskylintu
  • Helsinki näkymä

    Daysailing outside Helsinki/Espoo

    1100,00  Select options
    Myyjä: Love4C
  • SKUM 2019 look

    Meeting at sea, Helsinki-Espoo

    From: 300,00  Select options
    Myyjä: classic SKUM
  • Jetski tour starting

    Jet ski safari Helsinki

    From: 1120,00  (280€/jetski, minimum 4) Select options
    Myyjä: Vmax Rentals
  • Mad Cats s/y Paradise

    Meeting and accomodation on catamaran in Helsinki

    From: 860,00  if booked together with a cruise 645€ Select options
    Myyjä: Mad Cats
  • Weekend (or two day) sail on a First 44.7

    1800,00  Select options
    Myyjä: Love4C
  • Lonna, great destination in Helsinki
    Book now!

    Half day/evening sail outside Helsinki/Espoo

    600,00  Select options
    Myyjä: Love4C
  • s/y Paradise sailing in Helsinki

    Daycruise in Helsinki

    From: 1200,00  /6h cruise, additional hours 120 € / h Select options
    Myyjä: Mad Cats
  • Puuveneosuuskunta jäsenmaksu

    Wooden Boat Coop membership fee

    50,00  Add to basket
    Myyjä: Puuveneosuuskunta
  • Jetskier east of Helsinki

    Rent a jet ski Helsinki

    From: 230,00  /jetski and day (10 - 17) Select options
    Myyjä: Vmax Rentals

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  • Book “Sailing in Finland”

    39,90  Add to basket
    Myyjä: Antti Hannula - author

  • Book now!

    Winch service

    140,00  starting for first per pair of winches Add to basket
    Myyjä: Venetohtori Vaherjoki

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What do our customers say about Dokk services?

How does Dokk work?

Dokk is primarily a webstore for boating services. You can easily browse and book services in the Dokk webstore. Services are paid with a credit card when you make the booking. When you have paid your booking you will receive contact and other information about your upcoming boating experience as an email. Booking is safe as the Dokk cancellation policy allows you to cancel your booking up to 3 days before your reservation (exact cancellation rules can be found on your Terms and conditions page).

In addition to boating services, Dokk sells boating related products that enhance your Finnish boating experience.

Do I need special qualifications to participate?

The majority of Dokk services are charter tours (with a competent skipper and possibly other crew taking care of the boat) and are planned so that anyone can participate, even if you have no prior sailing or boating experience. If a service is intended for more experienced sailors or boaters, this will be clearly mentioned in the description of the service.

For bareboat charter services, the service description will details any special competence requirements that you will need. In Finland however, the authorities do not require official certification to handle a boat.

Are Dokk services safe?

Yes, all Dokk services are as safe as boating and sailing can be. The Finnish waters are comparatively sheltered and the weather is easy to forecast so there is little risk of being caught out in bad weather. Also the shore and the closes harbor is always close at hand in case something unexpected happens.

Dokk boats and skippers follow the rules of the Finnish authorities for charted services or adventure services. All the Dokk skippers are season boaters and know the Finnish waters and conditions well.

Boating and sailing activities always contain elements of risk. Please be sure to check our Terms and conditions!