Book “Sailing in Finland”

by Antti Hannula - author


The book “Sailing in Finland” has been written by a sailor for other passionate sailors who want to explore the world-famous Finnish Archipelago, and find out how beautiful and powerful the sea can be. My photos show you how it looks like, but you really have to experience it yourself to see how it really is like.

“The Archipelago Sea in Finland is one of the most beautiful places in the world for sailing. Various marinas, harbours and natural harbours give you numerous destination choices for every single sailing day. This book gives you an overview for planning your trip, things to know and do while sailing in Finland as well as lists number of interesting harbours to visit”.

Why do you need this book? As the summer is approaching, you’ll be planning and dreaming of your upcoming trip to the Finnish Archipelago more and more. You might be sailing to Finland for the first time, or you might be returning  here again and again. In the Finnish Archipelago, there is always more to see and experience, and some degree of planning is nevertheless useful.

“Sailing in Finland” book is also a perfect present for your sailing friends, and an excellent gift idea also as a corporate affairs. A book like this shows you not only have good taste for your hobbies but also that love and respect the sea and nature!

The book covers all the essentials of sailing in Finland:

  • Getting Ready for your trip
    • What to bring with your own boat
    • What to bring if you’re renting a boat
    • The sea routes are shallow
    • Where to start
    • What to bring anyway
    • Navigation
  • Twelve marinas and harbours highlighted (but this is not a harbour book, however)
  • Trip Preparation
    • Boat rental
    • Arriving with your own boat
    • Communications
    • Sauna & Manners
    • Provisioning
  • Weather
  • Environment
  • Cooking and barbecue
  • And there is even a small dictionary Finnish – Swedish – English

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  • Author: Antti Hannula
  • Layout: Antti Hannula, Heli Pohjoisaho
  • Hardcover: 108 pages, almost 200 photos
  • Paper: LumiSilk 150 gr
  • Publisher: Imazination (2nd Edition, Turku, Finland, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-952-93-6844-0
  • Dimensions: 24 cm x 20 cm x 1 cm
  • Weight:  600 gr


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