Photos of your boat


Are you planning to sell your boat or offering boating or yachting services? Or would you just like some nice photos of your boat as a memory? Then you should use a professional photographer to ensure that your pictures are of a high quality and get maximum attention.

The photography package includes:

  • A photography session in the Helsinki capital region (Helsinki/Espoo)
  • 12 high quality photographs of your boat, including versions both for print and for the web
  • A 1 minute video of your boat, parts of the video are shot with a drone from the air

If the photography session is done outside the capital region, a surcharge based on distance will be added.

The photographer is Håkan Mitts. You can check out his photography and video work on the following sites: Sail in Finland web-page, Facebooki page, YouTube account or on the Dokk Instagram account.

  • *Suggest date for the photoshoot

    Please indicate the latest possible day for the photoshoot, the photographer will contact you and agree on a date.

    Boat/phtoshoot location

    A surcharge will be added if the boat/photoshoot is outside the Helsinki capital region.

    *Exact address of shooting location.

    Driving distance

    If the location is outside the Helsinki capital region, one way distance.

    • 0.84 € total

    Additional information


A very effective way to market your yacht or boat is to use video. Add a (separately recorded) voice-over with the boat’s details and story to provide additional information. The example video below has been implemented in this fashion (Finnish voice-over).

Instrctions for the photo/video session

Here are some instructions for how to prepare for the photo/video session.

  • Clean the boat and remove personal and other extra quipment and stuff. Safety and other equipment that are included in the sale can be on display.
  • Plan the shooting location. The basic price includes a photo session without a support boat, therefore external shots/video of the boat will be done from the shore. In particular think about the direction of the shots so that the sun is behind the photographer. If the session is in the afternoon/early evening, then the direction of the shots should be north/east-ward.
  • The best tine for shooting depends on the time of year but in general late afternoon/early evening are good time.