Rent a jet ski Helsinki

by Vmax Rentals

From: 250,00  /jetski and day (10 - 17)

NOTE: Not available in 2021

Rent a jet ski and tour the archipelago in the eastern part of Helsinki and nearby Sipoo. Ride across open stretches of water or explore the small islands. Departure from the Sarvasto marina (see map).

Note: If you are a group of 4 person or more or if you have limited experience in riding jet skis, then we recommend the jet ski safari. During the safari, you will be accompanied by a local guide who can teach you riding and also guide you to the best spots in the archipelago.

Price includes:

  • Yamaha VX/EX jet ski
  • Safety equipment (life jacket)
  • Protective clothing as needed (driving suite, googles, special shoes)
  • Insurance (excess: 2000€)


The jetskis are delivered filled up. You can return the jetski with the tank filled or we can fill it up. For filling up a charge of 2€/liter and 20€/filling charge is applied.


  • The person renting must be at least 18 years and all participants must be at least 15 years.
  • Each rental starts with a 15 minute safety briefing. The briefing time is included in the total rental time.
  • Saturday rentals must be places on Friday before 12 latest.

On the Yamaha VX model, 2 people can ride so the number of participants can be higher than the number of jet skies. .

In the booking calendar below, please choose Persons = number of jet skis.

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Instructions for participants

Departure and return

Isonsarvastontie 4, Jollas, Helsinki (see location in map below)

Free parking available.

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Please observe the speed limits in the vicinity of the rental place as well as in the Helsinki region. The speed limits apply also to water jets. You can find the applicable speed limits on this map (click link to open). Note that the speed limits are indicated in kilometers/hour, not knots. 2 km/h roughly equals on knot.

Personal equipment

VMAX supplies protective clothing (wetsuit, goggles, bandanna).

Good to bring along:

  • Sun glasses + headgear that stays on in high speeds
  • Tovel
  • Change of clothes
  • Waterproof bag if you want to bring a phone/camera

VMAX Rentals jet skis

Yamaha  Waverunner VX

  • Red/white
  • 9 available
  • 2 persons max/jet ski
  • Stable, easy ride, good for longer tours
  • Max speed about 45 knots
Yamaha Waverunner VX

Check out the full VMAX fleet in the video below!