Privacy statement in compliance with the Finnish law  (523/1999) 10§ and 24§

Register maintained by

Dokk ltf (in the followin just Dokk)
Finnish company ID (“Y-tunnus”): 2923185-7

Responsible person

Håkan Mitts
Phone: +358 40 503 0767
Email: hakan.mitts (at)

Name of the register
Dokk customer information

Purpose of register

The register is a customer register for Dokk. Dokk maintains information about service providers need to enable the provision of Dokk services. Dokk also maintains information about the customers of the service providers need for managing and completing the orders placed by the customers. The information collected can be used in the development of Dokk services. Personal information is maintained in accordance with the requirements of Finnish law.

The information can be used by Dokk for marketing and advertising.

Personal information is collected when customers sign up to become Dokk service providers, order the Dokk newsletter or prder Dokk services.

Information gathered

The register contains the following type of personal information:
Name (first and last name)
Email address
Mail/delivery address
Phone numer
Boating experience and qualifications
Information related to the company of the service provider

Sharing of the information

The collected personal information is only used by Dokk and Dokk service providers. Information is shared with Dokk service providers to the extent necessary for the service providers to successfully provide the services ordered. Service providers will only receive information related to their customers.

The information is not shared with or sold to any other external parteis nor with parties outside the EU.  Any information collected will be deleted upon customer reqeust unless Finnish law, outstanding invoices or collection of outstanding debt prevent it.

Protection of the information

Information is not shared with thrid parties. Using the customer information requires registering and signing in on the Dokk website. The information is located on a password protected server operated by the Finnish web hosting company Pilvia.

Last updated on July 3, 2018