Skipper competencies and certifications

Håkan MAbout Dokk

Dokk services two distinct user groups. The first group consists of the customers of the services offered via Dokk. The second group consists of those persons that offer services via Dokk: boat owners, skippers and increasingly – we hope – service providers for an ever growing range of boating services. For clarity’s sake, we’ll call all of these service providers skippers. Dokk’s mission is to connect the customers with the skippers and offer unforgettable boating experiences to everyone (and an income to the skippers). A key question for the success of Dokk will the skipper competences and certifications.

The Dokk skipper – our expectations

The first and foremost responsibility of any skipper is to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers on-board the boat.  Finnish law puts specific requirements on the formal competences of skippers engaged in commercial traffic. We have collected all the Finnish legal requirements on this page. A Dokk skipper will always fulfill all these legal requirements.

Dokk skippers however have a second, equally important responsibility: to ensure that the customers have a pleasant and enjoyable boating experience. Therefore we expect Dokk skippers to also have other qualities than just fulfilling the formal certification requirements. The number one competence we are looking for is a customer service mindset. At Dokk, a customer service mindset means taking customer wishes as well as skills into consideration in all actions. To avoid unnecessary negative experiences, skippers should be able to handle their boats in all circumstances in a professional and courteous manner.

A customer service mindset also means language skills and an international orientation. We will actively market Dokk to tourists coming to Finland and believe that the success of Dokk will – to a large extent – depend on how well Dokk can serve an international clientele.

Our last wish is that Dokk skippers would be interested in innovating and developing new service concepts. We will make Dokk very easy to use for skippers and will support the widest range of new services possible. We firmly believe that Dokk will be an excellent platform for experimenting with new service ideas.

Dokk support and training

Helping skippers with developing both their skills as well as their services will be an important part of Dokk activities. Together with training partners, we will offer courses to prepare skippers for the exams required for formal certification.

In the spring, Dokk will also organize service development events where we will held skippers innovate and develop new services and improve customer service and the overall customer experience.

At we sincerely hope to meet you already in the spring at one of our events. Stay tuned for more information!

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