Dokk privacy policy

The EU Data protection legislation (known as GDPR) comes into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR legislation defines how companies should handle personal data. You can find out more about GDPR and your rights on this EU page on data and privacy.

This page tells how and why Dokk collects personal data and where and by whom it is being processed.

How Dokk collects and uses personal data

The basis for handling personal information

Dokk is a boating and charter marketplace where service providers and their customers meet. In order to provide services to both parties, Dokk needs to collect, process and store some personal information. Dokk collects personal information about our users either in their role of customer (when a customer buys products and services on Dokk) or as service provider (when a person or a company sells services on Dokk).

The starting point for how Dokk handles personal data is to only collect information that is necessary in order to implement the Dokk service and fulfill legal requirements.

Dokk acts in two roles with respect to processing personal data. From the perspective of our customers, Dokk acts as a Data Controller (in GDPR terminology). Towards our service providers, Dokk acts as a Data Processor.

In addition to Dokk staff, the service providers have access to and can process personal information related to the orders for the services and products that each service provider offers. The service providers do not have access to any payment information, Dokk only informs the service providers that the orders have been paid. Dokk also does not share or sell information to any 3rd parties.

Dokk users have the right to inspect and download their personal information that is stored on Dokk. Dokk users can also request that their personal information is deleted. However, most data related to product and service sales must be stored for 6 years and cannot be deleted before that. The Privacy management page allows users to manage their personal information on Dokk.

Privacy and the handling of personal information is constantly being developed at Dokk. As a result, this privacy policy can also change.

Information that we collect from you

Dokk only collects personal information that our customers provide to us. Dokk does not buy personal information or receive it from any partners and 3rd parties.

1. Order and payment information

Dokk collects and stores personal information when you order a product or service on the Dokk site. We need your name to welcome you as a guest on our boats and your phone number and email address to inform you about your product or service, for example in case of changes. We also need your name and address information to process payment information.

If you pay by credit card, we also collect your credit card information to process the payment. Credit card information is not handled by Dokk, instead it is collected and stored by our payment processor Stripe. You can also pay by bank transfer (in Finland only). For banking, Dokk uses the online bank Holvi. When you pay to our bank account, Dokk will get information about the person or organization that has done the payment.

Credit card or bank account information is never stored on Dokk.  Dokk never asks for credit card or pin codes in emails. We do ask you for your bank account in one situation : if you ask for a refund when you have paid to our bank account. Even then we do not ask for any other banking information such as login codes or pin code.

After you have completed an order, we store the information about what product or service you have ordered. This data we have a legal obligation to store for 6 years due to accounting and taxation laws in Finland.

The order information is also accessible by the service provider that offers the actual product or service. Service providers on see order information about their customers, but not about the customers of other service providers.

2. Registration

You can register as a user on Dokk. The reason to sign up as a user on Dokk is to become a service provider (seller) on Dokk. You do not need to register for any other purpose, registration is not necessary to buy products and services on Dokk.

When you request to become a seller on Dokk, we collect information related to you becoming a service provider. This includes information about your business (such as business name and VAT number), social media accounts of your business, account information for payments and information about your boat and services offered. With the exception of bank account information, all other information related to service provision can be shared with our customers.

3. Marketing and information services

In order to keep our customers updated about Dokk services, we use a number of different information and services channels. You can, if you want to, follow Dokk by

  • Signing up for our email newsletter. In this case we store your name, email address and language used for initial contact.
  • Following Dokk on Facebook or Twitter by using the respective means of each service. When you follow Dokk on these social media channels, we get access to the information that the social media platforms provide us.
  • Participating in various campaigns in which case we collect your email address to enable further communication.

Automatically collected information

When you use any website, mobile application or other internet service, certain information gets created and logged automatically. This is true also when you use Dokk. This is the information that gets created automatically:

1. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information sent by the Dokk service to your browser to enable Dokk to offer its services. For full information on Dokk’s use of cookies, check out our Cookie policy page.

2. Analytics

Analytics refers to aggregate information collected about how the Dokk site is used: how many people visit the site, how many times specific Dokk web pages are viewed, what type of devices are used, etc. This information does not contain personal information or information that would enable Dokk to identify individual users. Dokk uses two analytics services on the site:

  1. Google Analytics. Used to collect general information about how the Dokk site is used.
  2. Facebook Pixel. Used to enable Facebook advertising.

In addition, Dokk will get analytics information about the use of the Dokk Twitter and Facebook pages.

3. Log information

Certain critical events on Dokk gets written into system logs. This information includes errors that occur on the page and critical events such as payments or orders being processed. The log information includes information such as the user’s IP address and any information exchanged between the user and Dokk.

The log information is used to resolve error situations and help us provide better customer service. Log information is also important to fulfill the requirement to be able to detect, analyze and report any security issues and breaches on the site.

The systems used to implement the Dokk web site can also collect log information of technical nature to ensure the proper working of the Dokk service.

Data Processors

Dokk is located in Finland but uses services provided by international service providers (Data Processors in GDPR terminology) to store and process the information collected by Dokk. These are the services used to implement Dokk:

Dokk uses a number of social networks to communicate with our customers.

  • Facebook.
    • Dokk has a Facebook business page at You can follow Dokk on Facebook and also contact us using the Facebook Messenger service. Dokk also uses Facebook advertising to reach out to new and existing customers. More information about how Facebook handles personal data can be found on this page:
  • Twitter
    • Dokk has a Twitter page at You can follow Dokk on Twitter as well as contact us via Twitter. More information on how Twitter handles your personal information can be found here:
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp


An important aspect of data protection is to ensure that your data is kept safe. These are some of the steps taken to protect your data.

  1. Built on a secure platform. Dokk uses the service of the Pilvia hosting company. The security services and practices of the hosting provider are the most important way to ensure that all Dokk data is kept safe. You can learn more about how Pilvia manages their platform here:
  2. No financial data stored on the Dokk site. Financial data such as credit card or bank account data is never stored on the Dokk site. Instead they are stored on the systems of the Dokk payment provider Stripe and Holvia that provides the Dokk banking services. Find out more about how security is managed at Stripe (  and Holvia (
  3. Secure maintenance and support procedures. Dokk software development and testing is done on a system separate from the live system. This means that we do not need to provide access to personal information to external parties for software maintenance and support.

If you need more information.

As the Dokk system is developed, our Privacy policy can change.

Last updated: May 29, 2018.

You are always welcome to contact Dokk for more information about our operations and how we manage your data. Go to our Contact page or use the communications tools at the bottom of your screen if you are on a mobile device.

Thank you for using Dokk!

Detailed information about what data we collect

Information related to your orders

This is the information we collect when you order products and services on Dokk.


Why we collect the information

Name Identifying the customer
Securing the credit card information.
Email Informing you about status of your orders and services.
Informing you about changes to your services.
Telephone number Informing you about changes to your services.
Address Needed to validate your credit card payment.
Shipment address Delivering your products
Where did you hear
about us
Helps us understand how well our marketing works
Credit card information To manage credit card payments

Credit card information is never stored on Dokk, it is always stored on the Stripe payment provider systems.

Dokk provides you with information about our products, services and special offers in multiple ways. On the Dokk page you can subscribe to the Dokk email newsletter.


Why we collect the information

Name Personalizing our messages to you
Email address To send you the email newsletter
Language preference We store your information based on what language you have
chosen when you subscribe so that we can choose the most
appropriate language for our newsletter.

Campaigns and projects

Dokk can from time to time implement various programs and campaigns. As part of these campaigns, Dokk can collect the participants email addresses so that we can communicate back to the participants.


Why we collect the data

Email address To be able to communicate back to the participants.

Your information in various communication services

As a customer, you can connect with Dokk in many ways. When you follow Dokk on social media and communicate with us, some personal information will become available to Dokk and possibly other followers.

Communication service

Email Your email address, your message and other personal information that you share in email will be stored on the Dokk email server. Emails sent to Dokk are stored and managed on the Google Cloud email service. More information on the Google Cloud email service.
Telephone If you call or text Dokk, your phone number will be stored the phones owned and used by Dokk staff.
WhatsApp Your phone number and WhatsApp id will be stored in the WhatsApp application used by Dokk staff when you communicated with us. More information on the WhatsApp service.
Messenger You can send messages to us via the Dokk Facebook page using the Facebook Messenger service. When you use Messenger, Dokk staff will receive your name and will be able to view information that you have shared publicly on Facebook.  More information on Facebook and the Messenger service.
Twitter You can also reach us on Twitter via the Dokk Twitter account. More information on Twitter.