Member fees

We use the Wooden Boat Co-op member fees to purchase the cooperative’s boats and the appropriate boating equipment, and for the annual boat maintenance, marina fees, insurance, winter storage, and any possible boat repairs that may be needed.

For the 2020 season the annual fee is only 600€ and this covers an unlimited number of boating days during the 2020 season.

When you purchase the annual subscription before the start of the seasom, you are entitled to pre-booking 2 week-ends and 6 other days. At the Co-op will try our best to put together a basic schedule that meets everyone’s wishes.

During the season, a member can book any number of sailing days, however booking is only possible 1 week in advance.

The cooperative’s member fees include a one-time membership fee and an annual fee. The 50€ membership fee is paid only once when you join the cooperative. Cooperative members who have paid the membership fee can attend the cooperative’s annual general meetings and thus influence the cooperative decision making. To use the cooperative’s boats you need to pay also the annual fee.

A practical introduction session to the cooperative’s boats is included in the annual fee of the first year.

The annual fee covers one calendar year. There are no long-term membership obligations in the cooperative. A membership fee is an investment that will be returned to you, in accordance with the rules of the cooperative, if you decide to resign your membership. The cooperative does not refund an annual fee that has been paid already.

The easiest way to join Wooden Boat Co-op Finland is to pay the annual fee in the Dokk online store.

The cooperative’s boats are equipped with boating equipment defined by the boat inspection guidelines, as appropriate. For safety reasons all cooperative members and their crew members must have appropriate floating vests or life jackets. For maximum comfort we suggest and require members to bring their own vests or jackets. In case you or your crew members do not have vests of your own, we can help you to get good vests for a reasonable price. Our boats do carry some spare vests for occasional visitors.

Pricing for the separate skipper training and other boating events arranged by the cooperative will be published separately.

Member fees for the 2021 season have not been announced yet.

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