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Meet the Wooden Boat Co-op team and our beautiful daysailer s/y “Refanut” on Thursday the 16th of August from 6pm to 8pm in the  Helsinki Kaivopuisto Compass Square. You will learn how the Wooden Boat Cooperative works and you can join for a short cruise on Refanut on the Kaivopuisto waters.

You’ll find our classic daysailer s/y “Refanut” in Helsinki by the Kaivopuisto area — a highly convenient location to begin a day trip with your family or friends to the Suomenlinna Unesco heritage fortress island, the Pihlajasaari island swimming beach or to explore the old Vallisaari military island. An electric outboard makes marina maneuvers easy. You can enjoy a great dinner and scenic sea views from the marina restaurant.

The Wooden Boat Co-op annual membership fee for the remaining 2019 season is only 300€ and it includes an unlimited number of sailing days you can book from our online calendar. You enjoy sailing and we will handle the boat maintenance, equipment, marina and insurance fees, and off-season upkeep. Membership will also give you membership in the Finnish Wooden Boat Association and their club magazine.

We will introduce you to the boat and if your sailing skills need some brushing up, we have a sailing school partner to get you going. You will only need your sunglasses and some like-minded crew, we will even help you to get a picnic basket for your day on the water.

Refanut is of the type Långedragsjulle J10. She was built by the original 1941 drawings by the Miilu-boats boatyard in 2015. The 5,30-meter beauty has also been a Classic Boat Awards nominee in the U.K.

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Puuveneosuuskunta J10
Puuveneosuuskunta J10
Puuveneosuuskunta J10
Puuveneosuuskunta J10
Puuveneosuuskunta J10
Puuveneosuuskunta J10

Are you interested in a motorboat?

More members in the Wooden Boat Co-op means also more boats for our members. Our next boat is planned to be a well-kept classic mahogany motorboat with an outboard engine, to be located in the Helsinki area. The Co-op annual membership fee will let you use all our boats. If you are interested in the motorboat, please flag your interest below.

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