Quick guide to the Wooden Boat Co-op

The boats owned by our cooperative belong to all the members, so please treat them as well as you would treat your own.

Before your booking

  1. You can book a boat once you have paid the annual fee. If you are not a member yet, you can join here.
  2. Book your trip on the Wooden Boat Co-op web page
  3. Check the weather to make sure the boat and the crew can enjoy the trip
  4. When you arrive in the harbour, and report any damage before you leave

During you booking

  1. Inviting friends on the boat is great but the coop member must always be onboard when the boat is underway
  2. Follow the rules of the road at sea and be polite to your fellow boaters
  3. Use marked fairways, and be very careful if you navigate outside them
  4. When you tie up the boat, use jetties or in natural harbors, make sure you ancor instead of pulling the boat ashore
  5. Make sure that the boat is properly tied up if you leave it

After the booking

  1. Always return the boat to its home harbor
  2. Tie up the boat properly so that it can withstand a storm
  3. Clean the boat and put on the boom tent
  4. Turn off electricity and connect the shore power
  5. Fill in the electronic logbook

Reserving a boat

Puuveneosuuskunnan veneen varaus

You must always pre-book the Co-op’s boats before use. Booking using the online calendar is very easy!

To book, log in to the site here.

If you have any problems, call the support phone number.

Instructions for s/y Refanut


Boat specific instructions for s/y Refanut.
The extent for sailing for s/y Refanut.

Plan your trip

Helsinki weather forecast

Check the weather forecast before leaving!

Marine weather /Finnish meteorological institute
Wind forecast / Foreca

Where to go

The capital region services map (Finnish) can also be found here.


In case of emergency, either call 112 or the sea rescue national number 0294 1000.

Useful information

You will find s/y Refanut in the SPS sailing club marina in Sirpalesaari. Take the Sirpalesaari ferry to the marina. The ferry leaves from the jetty next to the Carusel restaurant. The Wooden Boat Coop has paid the season fee for the ferry, just tell the ferry captain your name for the free ride.

Sirpalesaari is also the home of the very nice restaurant Saari.

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