Wooden boat maintenance course/Kuggom

Håkan MWooden boating

Kuggom lahjoitusvene

Wooden boat maintenance course

The Finnish wooden boat owner’s association organized wooden boat maintenance course in February and March 2019. The course was held at the Kuggom course center close to Loviisa. The Wooden boat co-op staff participated in the course to learn as much as possible about good wooden boat maintenance practices and techniques. Not that the co-op staff is going to do any actual maintenance, that will be left to professional boat builders, but we need the information to make informed decisions about what type of maintenance to order and when.

Below a few moments captured on photos and video.

This is what about 1.5 hours of course work looks like.

Some of the things that the participants get to try their hands on in a bit more detail.

Jonatan Reuter neuvoo

The course teacher was boatbuilder Jonatan Reuter (in the red cap).

Lakan poisto infrapunalämmittimellä

Fresh warnish is an annual chore but the old varnish needs to be removed every so often.

Fixing a big crack

Jonathan shows how to fix a big crack in the wood with a slightly wedge shapen piece of wood. Due to the shape, the new piece will fit very snuggly.

Kannen saumauksen vaihto

Aiming for a good looking and watertight deck.

Kuggom training center

The course was held at the Kuggomin trainign center. The center offered very good conditions for the course. The wooden boat workshop was perfectly suited for the size of the course. The students stayed and dined and the main building which ofcourse also had a sauna for late evening relaxation and wooden boat talk.

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Join the Wooden Boat Co-op!

If you still think that wooden boat maintenance is not your thing but you do want to get out on the water in a nice, well-kept wooden boat, the the Wooden Boat Co-op just precisely for you!

The Co-op owns and maintains beautiful wooden boats and offers them for the use of the Co-op’s members. All tasks related to boat maintenance and repair are handled by the Co-op and performed by professional boat-builders. As a member you only pay the annual fee and use the boats when it fits you.

Joining is easy, just pay the Co-op membership fee via the link below.